Auto Dealership Marketing: How to Get Results With Google My Business

Auto dealership marketing is a competitive part of car sales, especially in a world where customers are struggling to buy new cars and paying more for used ones. The last two years have only heightened the competition.

You can stand out with a combination of local search and Google My Business best practices, however. In this article, we’ll establish how.

Claim Your Profile and Verify Details

The first of our GMB auto dealership marketing tips is to claim your profile. Visit this link and do a search for your business to initiate the process.

As you move to the setup stage, be sure to categorize your business accurately. Be specific as possible, so you might try “used car dealership” if that’s your specialization.

From there, enter an accurate description that complements the category and is accurate with what you do. This should help you show up higher in car dealership search results when people are looking for cars in their area.

Be as Thorough as Possible With Attributes

Another “must” for how to promote an automotive dealership using Google My Business is to be thorough and accurate with your attributes. Include a link to your website, accurate address information, updated phone numbers, and contacts.

Upload Your Best Branding Photo

People click at a higher rate on profiles that use profile photos. This is a great opportunity to include your branding.

Choose something professional, with good lighting, and that leaves no doubt that you’re local. Branding will pay off in many ways, especially as you seek online advertising for auto dealership opportunities.

Avoid Duplication With Multiple Listings

Google My Business is useful for multiple automotive dealership listings, but you do need to be careful. If you sell more than one type of car, then targeting those specific types can help improve your footprint.

But you do want to differentiate the listings somewhat. You can do this with targeted phrases and specialized content for customers searching for that particular make and model. Simply duplicating your listings and changing the name is a good way to get your profiles penalized, shut down, or consolidated.

Use It for Customer Outreach and Communication

Harness the power of your Google My Business profile for communication. Being present with messaging can be preferable to phone calls for many. Think about it.

You don’t like getting sales calls from strange numbers, do you? Neither do your customers. They want to get answers to their inquiries conveniently and in a way that doesn’t interrupt their busy lives.

You can use GMB for these purposes. You can also use it to post relevant images, GIFs, text, and other pieces of content via the Google Posts feature.

Pay Attention to How Customers Are Finding Your Profile

Last but not least, capitalize on Google’s robust analytics to see how potential leads are accessing your profile. Are they searching you directly or using specific inquiries? GMB, in this regard, can open up even more chances to establish a dialogue.

Auto Dealership Marketing Is Easier With Google My Business

Auto dealership marketing without the power of Google is a missed opportunity. And Google My Business is one of the most powerful tools that the search giant provides.

Are you ready to get started with it? Perhaps you feel your GMB profile could use some tweaks or a complete overhaul? Contact Strategic Consulting Services today, and be ready for your dealership to meet every challenge.


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