Finance and Insurance

A diverse portfolio of f&i products to meet any dealership need.

F&I Products for Franchise & Independent Dealers

Strategic Consulting Services, Inc. offers an extensive menu of F&I products to accommodate the diverse requirements of franchised and independent clients.  Regardless of your dealership’s size or the types of vehicles you sell, our singular goal is to maximize your dealership’s profitability with competitive products.

Our team of Income Development Specialists will work with your dealership to determine which products best compliments your dealership and increases your overall profitability, while meeting any special needs your dealership may have.

Diverse Offering of Aftermarket Products

Clients of Strategic Consulting Services, Inc. have access to an extensive portfolio of F&I aftermarket products in the Automotive, PowerSports, RV & Medium Duty markets

Our portfolio includes traditional aftermarket programs, but also introduces new & unique profit opportunities. 


Service Contracts


Appearance Protection


Prepaid Maintenance


Theft Protection




and MORE!

Selecting Products to Fit Your Dealership Needs

Strategic Consulting Services understands running an efficient & profitable dealership is a common goal among our clients, but there is not a single strategy that can be applied to every dealership in reaching this goal.  No two clients are alike.  Our Income Development Specialists understand helping our dealers reach this objective means truly understanding their unique needs and how their products & services can be leveraged to maximize efficiency & profitability.  Meeting the dealer’s goals in a timely, cost-effective manner demands that our specialists comprehend not only your dealership environment, but also the individuals and technologies that power it.

After getting to know your business and capturing your vision for the future, we can propose a selection of F&I solutions tailored to your specific dealership needs.  Once this plan is set in motion, we continually evaluate its effectiveness with your team and adjust accordingly.

Committed Support to Drive Dealership Growth

Dealer Reinsurance

Dealers have a number of reinsurance options available. We can help you decide based on goals and levels of risk tolerance from completely self-insured programs to fully-insured programs with No risk.

Claims Adjudication

You can have peace of mind knowing that your customers are in good hands. Our ASE-certified claims team is available 24/7/365, averages a 22 second hold-time and pays most claims within 30 minutes.

More Dealer Growth Solutions

Dealership Training

Custom Dealership training programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Dealer Resources

Access our ever-growing content of rich learning materials for dealership staff.


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