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Dealership Growth Solutions

Finance & Insurance Products

We offer a full suite of aftermarket Finance and Insurance products to accommodate the diverse requirements of franchise and independent clients. Our goal is to help you maximize your dealership’s profitability with competitive F&I products.

Training & Development

Don’t get stuck in inefficiency that results in a disempowered staff and declining revenue. We provide custom Dealership training programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the business.

Our Approach

Strategic Consulting Services, Inc., looks to explore, develop & expand what makes your dealership unique. You will find that we are obsessed not so much with just coming up with any solution, but coming up with the best dealership growth solutions.







We begin by seeking to understand who you are and what your goals are. It’s not just about asking “The What,” but understanding “The Why.” Every solution is evidence of the question asked, and unfortunately the industry is too often satisfied by easy questions and predetermined answers. Rest assured, we’ll ask the hard questions to unearth the right solutions to fit your needs.



We formulate a unique strategy with a firm conviction and an open mind to the process of what your dealership could become. We’ll put all of our brainpower into figuring out how to get you there, based on everything that we’ve learned about your business and culture.



This is where the magic happens. We collaborate, roll up our sleeves and get to work building out the best blueprint that will elevate your dealership.



Who would we be if we just gave you a list of solutions without a game plan? We will walk you through the entire process and help you manage it in perpetuity. This includes the setup, training, coaching and tracking of results, so each solution can have maximum impact for your organization.

Even after solutions have been implemented into your dealership, Strategic Consulting Services is not finished. There are always ample opportunities to assess what went well and how efforts can be improved based on feedback, data, and audits.


One relationship away from changing the trajectory of your dealership?

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